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 Sydney Gansi group

Sydney Gansi group


What's the Gansi group?

Wind back the time machine to 2016 and we find a group of free thinking 'alternative' people tinkering in a studio in Annandale. They were experimenting in alternative energies: health and electrical power superconductor tech. They were tapping into the universal field - prana, chi.. call it what you will we call it plasma.

The group synthesise ancient knowledge with a contemporary twist making it accessible to all. The world need practical solutions to liberate us all. 

The group have spent time researching plasma technology promoted by The Keshe Foundation and have had success working with health products alleviating many ailments. We have learned to create GaNS (Gas in a nano-solid) the pre-cursor to plasma and channel it for our health applications.

In 2017 the group relocated to Maker's Space and the Gansi group was formed (Gansi being the plural of Gans).

We aim to empower others teaching how to make plasma products to better their lives and the lives of their friends and family. 

The Gani group meets Wednesday and Sundays. Contact us to find out more and join.