Current Projects List

A big part of Makers Place is providing and supporting members with their projects. Below is a list of the current community projects that are underway. If you'd like to help out on any of these please let us know!

1. Big 3D Printer led by Matt W. 

2. In Moov Robot led by Conroy 

3. Experimental prosthetics/orthotics, led by Johan

4. Circular Knitting Machine, led by Conroy

5. Geodisic Domes, led by Conroy 

6. Puzzle 3D Printed Chair, led by Conroy

7. Lithophane, led by Geoff

8. Mobile Solar Battery System, led by Lean and Conroy

9. Mentor + Member Wall, led Mel 

10. Sustainable Materials Wall, led by Mel and Manon

11. Badge System, led by Ade and Mel 

12. Door Entry Door System, led by Miklos

13. Planter Wall, led by Lean

To express interest contact us via email!


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