BlueLab Creative Industries Symposium 2015

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Blue Lab Symposium for the Creative Industries held by the Blue Mountains Creative Industries Cluster in Katoomba.

makers workshop sydney

The event was teeming with artistry, ideas and opportunities.  We were overwhelmed by the vibrancy and diversity of Mountains Makers! 


Over the course of two days we participated in presentations and discussions that challenged existing models of production, reimagined the capacity of resources and positioned creativity as a strong commodity within an economic framework.

Discussion topics and panels ranged from marketing in a digital age, to environmental consciousness across production cycles, to profiling artists and the economics of industry.


bluelab makers workshop katoomba

Mel Fuller, our co-founder, spoke on a panel of wonderful women in a discussion forum titled “Think. Make. Do”. They focused on profiling the makers’ movement and the importance of design thinking in creativity and beyond. We were prompted to think about waste management, the potential for shared resources and collaborative consumption. It was a great chance to envision a bright social and economic future driven by innovation and creativity.

We then had a wonderful afternoon showing some of the fantastic things Makers Place Leichhardt has to offer to a curious and receptive group of creatives.  We were once again overwhelmed by the positive community response and the eagerness of attendees to become founding members of a Blue Mountains Makers Place!

The creation of such a space would drive community engagement, increase creative yield and drive innovation.

maker workshop blue mountains

It was wonderful to see the extent of interest areas and emerging ideas covered in the Symposium. The atmosphere was one of eagerness for challenge, change and creative emergence. We look forward to next year!