Circular Economy Australia: Upskill to Upcycle VIVID


‘Upskill to Upcycle’ is a philosophy close to our hearts; we were therefore thrilled to be part of Circular Economy Australia’s Vivid event by the same name at the Museum of Contemporary Art on May 23.


Vivid Sydney Circular Economy 1

Circular economy is a global movement that seeks to ensure biological and technical resources (materials, skills, products) are used responsibly and continuously; re-used and re-purposed to reduce our dependency on sourcing new materials and discarding old ones.


The event was focused on advocating this model, envisioning waste as beautiful, re-workable resource!


Vivid Sydney Circular Economy 2

 A panel of leading thinkers and doers, including our own co-founder Mel, discussed problems associated with our current waste models. The other speakers were James MoodyRonnie Kahn, Anna Minns, and Ben Moir

Design and innovation were proposed as important forces for social change, necessary in creating a prosperous and responsible future.


Over the course of two hours, over 150 eager participants listened to different forms of innovation currently in use and strategies for change into the future. They then had the opportunity to engage in a speed design challenge that aimed at identifying a waste problem and solving it using design and business principles.


Vivid Sydney Circular Economy 3

Solutions to current waste management issues included the construction of scalable, co-living spaces; apps for food distribution; reusable bottles and accessible education tools (for full profiles head over to Circular Economy Australia).


Vivid Sydney Circular Economy 4

We had a ball. It was great to see so many enthusiastic change makers sharing their ideas and skills.


The event prompted us to think innovatively, design consciously, and act responsibly!