Precious Plastic

Here at Makers Place we are very conscious about the amount of 3D printing filament that is getting used, and how we can truly close the loop on this stuff. The 2 types of filament we use is ABS and PLA. ABS comes from crude oil and PLA coming from corn starch or other 'natural" raw materials. The way these materials are harvested is unsustainable to say the least. We see this waste as having true economic value $$$ if dealt with in a smart way. If not dealt with, lets face it - the plastic will probably end up in our oceans.

 3D Printing Filament Waste from Makers Place

3D Printing Filament Waste from Makers Place

Through our journey of researching clever ways we could closed the loop on this material we came across the Precious Plastic project.

Inventor Dave Hakkens takes us through how easy it is to recycle plastic. All you need to do is sort it and have a tool to turn it into new things. This is where his open-source machine comes into play.

Dave Hakkens called on the global community to help his dream come to fruition. 

See and hear about his story here: